ZENERGY HOUSE - A Near-Zero Energy Green Healthy Home 
the greening process

"Soon it will be mainstream to design homes to use free, natural energy while significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions during construction and operation."



 Step #1     Home Energy Assessments

With green remodeling your first step is to set up a comprehensive home energy audit with a certified Home Performance with Energy Star contractor like REAS.  A Home Performance with Energy Star audit provides a thorough basement-to-attic assessment of your home's energy use using state-of-the-art equipment. 

The energy adviser's written report will help you to plan retrofits that will improve the energy efficiency of your home.  This report is usually necessary in confirming that the house (or planned improvements) is genuinely efficient to qualify for a Green Loan. 
 Once you select the improvements that fit your needs and budget, a Home Performance contractor will help you get the job done.

After you have completed your energy upgrades, the Home Performance contractor will provide you with a second (post-retrofit) evaluation and a new energy efficiency rating that indicates your home's improved energy use.  

Step #2      Green Loans

From the beginning of any remodeling project, financing and creating a budget will provide success in meeting your energy reducing goals without sacrificing great design.

Finding Green Loan Programs are not always easy.   Special loans are available to consumers who buy, build or improve homes for energy efficiency.  A “green” mortgage lender can advise you on Energy Efficient Mortgages, Green Home Improvement Loans and equity lines of credit.

Most homeowners come out ahead when they invest in upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes since their monthly energy savings are greater than the monthly payments to cover the cost of their remodel.   Green loans, Government tax credits and Utility rebates make your upgrades cost effective.  Once you have your Home Performance report in hand and your finances in-order, the real work begins.




Step #3    Green Professionals
Currently, only a very small percentage of professionals have formal training/education in green practices. As environmental  mandates increase and utility costs rise, consumer demand will require professionals to receive proper training.  Working with a talented team of certified advisers that can offer quality assurance and testimonials from previous clients, will ensure a smooth process.

The green team includes: LEED APs, GreenPoint Raters, HERS Raters, BPI Certified, Eco-Broker, Home Performance with Energy Star contractor, Green Designers, Architects, Consultants, Energy Efficient Mortgage Lenders, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Specialists, Solar Experts and Green Landscapers.

Here are some of the recognized certifications/accreditations for the various green professions:









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